We provide parking management services across facilities where parking plays an essential role like shopping malls, airports, hospitals, metro stations, hotels, mixed-use developments etc.. We customize service delivery to meet the specific needs of each parking facility, with the goal of complementing their existing ideals, business strategies and sensitivities.

It may be white-glove valet services, parking attendants, professional cashiers or even equipment maintenance personnel, parking enforcement officer; we ensure and delight all patrons with suitable customer service and training program.

Creating first and last impression

An attractive environment; appealing anchor stores, a wide range of shopping choices coupled with food court, movies all concentrated under one roof: this is precisely what any customer expect from retail sector today. If it is combined with professionally managed parking services, where he will be able to park safely and conveniently, enhances further his delightful experience!

Availability, safety, convenience, ease of ingress/ egress, transparent payment systems create pleasant first and last impressions to his trip to the facility.

Availability of the information on the facility at the parking, valet service, customer care, wheel chair assistance etc plays a crucial role in bringing the customer back for repeat visits.

Efficient arrival and departure begins right here

Successful Parking Management in an Airport application calls for expertise of perfection at all levels and requires pioneering technology combined with profitable solutions.

CPS offers an extensive portfolio of fully integrated systems for maximum efficiency at a large scale of operations, with transparency and safety.

We comply with all security regulations and standards to meet any airport parking facility needs.

Care and Empathy is the name of our service

Our Healthcare Hospitality solutions are specifically tailored to meet rising challenges and demands of the Industry. A warm smile, caring environment and a helping hand are all the key ingredients of our services for Healthcare Facilities.

Our energetic and empathetic attendants, efficient equipment kiosks, informational signage and valet / wheel chair services are all designed to enhance the value proposition of the facilities to raise overall patient satisfaction scores.

Park and Ride with ease

With the development of convenient and sophisticated public transport like metros / buses, the public is moving towards park and ride concept. We implement and operate parking garages attached to these metro/bus stations to enable the commuters to integrate their journey seamlessly.

Sustainable Parking lots in Municipalities to ensure smarter cities

As the population continues to grow at a steady pace, more and more people are moving to cities at an even faster pace. As a result, the number of cars on the road is growing exponentially in all metros and other cities all over. The transport planners and builders are, hence, concentrating increasingly on better roads, more fuel efficient vehicles, better quality related infrastructure etc.

One area, however, that causes much aggravation but has received least attention, all these days,is parking. Searching for safe, available, affordable parking is a tiring exercise which, leads to loss of productivity as well pollute the environment.

A well-managed parking lot with a robust system is, hence, essential to sustain healthy and vibrant downtowns. Smart parking facilities at strategic location leads to smarter cities.

We integrate our expertise with city planners and authorities to ensure smart urban cities all over.

Stadiums/Amusement Park:

In Stadiums / Amusement parks visitors expect smooth entries, easy parking and relaxed environment. We provide perfect solution for easy ingress/egress, friendly valet service, hassle free traffic manoeuvring and offer guests an unforgettable experience to make them visit again and again.

Mixed Developments/ Town ships

Concept of bringing them together the commercial buildings, Mall, Hotel and residential complex is booming in India. We provide parking management for each of these facilities and integrate for better traffic movements and convenient entry and exits.